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Cover Model Abs In One Workout Per Week
By Craig Ballantyne, MS, CSCS

If you want cover model abs but don't have time to do thousands of crunches (not that it would do you any good), then I've got a killer workout for you. It's 6 exercises, and takes 15 minutes only once per week!

That's right, you really only need to hit your abdominals hard and direct once per week in such a targeted training session. The rest of your workout time should focus on total body strength training and a combination of interval and high-intensity cardio to burn the stubborn fat from your

I specialize in designing fast fat loss workouts for men and women.
Whether the workouts are going in Men's Health or Women's Health magazine, or one of my trademarked Turbulence Training routines,

I show men and women how to get more results in less workout time - and with as little equipment as possible.

This program should be done once per week, at the end of one of your
workouts (I prefer a 3-day per week routine with each workout being a
total body session). Do this after your second or third workout of the week.
And try not to rent any funny movies over the following 2 days, because
your abs will be too sore for laughing!

I always use supersets and short rests to cut the workout time while
still allowing for extra muscle recovery. Do each superset 3 times. Move
immediately from exercise A to exercise B, but rest 30 seconds before
repeating the superset. Use this program for 4 weeks and then change
the exercises.

Superset #1
1A) Hanging Knee Raise or Hanging Leg Pike (8 reps)
1B) Stability Ball Jackknife Rotations (8 per side)

Superset #2
2A) Stability Ball Rollout (10 reps)
2B) Stability Ball Mountain Climber (8 reps per side)

Superset #3
3A) Plank with Arms on Stability Ball (30 seconds)
3B) Slow Stability Ball Crunch with Medicine Ball (15 reps)

Exercise Descriptions

1A) Hanging Knee Raise
Hang from a chin-up bar. Brace your abs. Slowly bring your knees to your chest by contracting your abdominals and rolling your hips backwards. Slowly return to the start position. This is a very difficult exercise. Adhere strictly to the recommended tempo.

Hanging Leg Pike
Hang from a chin-up bar. Brace your abs. Slowly bring your ankles to the bar and then slowly return to the start position. This is a very difficult exercise. Adhere strictly to the recommended tempo.




1B) Stability Ball Jackknife
Brace your abs. Put your elbows on the bench and rest your shins on the ball.
With your arms straight and your back flat, your body should form a straight
line from your shoulders to your ankles. Keeping your back straight, bring your knees up to one side of your body by contracting your abs and pulling the ball forward. Pause and then return the ball to the starting position by rolling it
backward. Alternate sides with each rep.




2A) Stability Ball Rollout
Kneel on a mat and place your clasped hands on the top of a medium sized ball. Brace your abs and slowly lean forward and roll your hands over the ball while the ball moves away from your body. Keep your body in a straight line and go as far as you can with perfect form. Contract your abs and reverse the motion to return to the upright position.




2B) Stability Ball Mountain Climber
Place your hands on the ball. Keep your abs braced. Bring your knee up as close to your chest as possible. Slowly return the leg to the start position.
Alternate sides for all repetitions.




3A) Plank on Ball
Place your clasped hands on the top of a medium sized ball. Keep your body in a straight line from shoulders to toes and keep your abs braced. Hold for the recommended amount of time.

3B) Slow Stability Ball Crunch with Med Ball
Lie on the stability ball with your feet spread slightly greater than shoulder width apart on the floor (a wider stance equals greater stability and an easier exercise). Curl your shoulder blades off the ball as if performing a regular
abdominal crunch off the floor. Slowly return to the start position - taking a full 3 seconds to do so.



About Craig Ballantyne

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, M.Sc., is one of the top Strength & Conditioning coaches in North America. He trains athletes and executives in Toronto and is a member of the Training Advisory Boards for Men's Fitness and Maximum Fitness magazines. Craig's fat loss and workout tips are featured every month in Men's Fitness and Maximum Fitness, and in numerous on-line newsletters. Craig’s trademarked Turbulence Training workouts and comprehensive workout manuals are featured on his website

About Craig's Trademarked "Turbulence Training System"

Men’s Fitness magazine and elite personal trainers are calling Turbuelence Training the most effective fat loss training system in the world. Craig Ballantyne’s workout programs are ideal for busy executives, students or parents with young children. In just 50 minutes or less, three days per week, you can get leaner, stronger, fitter and more muscular with a total strength and cardio workout, and you can even do it in the privacy of your own home. No fancy or expensive machines are needed since you can do so many of the exercise with your own body weight. To learn more, click the link below:

Fat Loss Transformation Program

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