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Blast From The Past Abdominal Training
By Coach Josh Henkin

I have read the articles, seen the videos, and let me say I have been sorely disappointed. With all the information on strength training, fat loss, and core work we still see the same old exercises and techniques. It gets boring stagnant, and let’s face it just doesn’t produce the results we all want…six-pack abdominals!

Getting that six-pack may not be as complicated as we may think, the more challenging part is to perform the work and consistency needed to accomplish this goal. Actually getting a six-pack requires our training do several things….

1. Burn enough body fat to have the abdominal region show, Even strong abdominals will not show through higher body fat levels.
2. Have enough of a training stimulus to cause muscle and strength gains, sorry crunches and hanging knee raises just don’t cut it.

  Complicated right? Some may suggest that such simplicity doesn’t explain why more people don’t have six-packs.

The truth of the matter is that most people don’t pay enough attention to their nutrition and simply don’t work hard enough in the gym.

No, I am not going to suggest some new age fitness gadgets or funny looking gym drills.

We are going to go back to a time where some of the most fit people dominated the fitness culture. We are going to steal training methods of gymnasts, wrestlers, and old time strongmen. Why? Because before the age of supplements, drugs, and the internet, these athletes often displayed midsections that would make the modern bodybuilder jealous!

With all these drills you burn lots of calories to help you drop that body fat and stimulate the whole body to build functional muscle mass and give that athletic look most of us are striving to attain. You will feel muscles that you may not have even felt before as well! Lastly, these workouts are ideal for those that are crunched on time and can’t spend three hours in the gym trying to train all the individual body parts.

Oh yeah, did I mention that you will be able to perform most of these drills with things you have around the house or can get for just a few dollars at the local hardware store.

Wall Walking

Hand walking is an old time strongman and gymnastics method of building tremendous upper body strength. However, to be able to perform hand walking drills you need a tremendously strong midsection. Most people lack the strength in their core and upper body to perform a lot of hand walking variations so this is a fantastic way to start training for more advanced variations.

Sandbag Bear Hug Squats with Carry

Sandbags have long been used by athletes to develop overall body strength, especially the midsection. Wrestlers, martial artists, and even modern football players have used sandbags to get a more powerful core.

The sandbag bear hug squat tries to pull the body forward and makes the core resist the bending over the sandbag is trying to create. Most people know front squatting is an amazing abdominal drill, yet, most people don’t have the flexibility to perform it. The sandbag bear hug squat takes away those limitations and is even more challenging because of the awkwardness of the sandbag.

Carrying has long been a method of improving endurance and whole body strength. Performing a carry with a sandbag is an ideal way to get such a benefit and combining it with the bear hug squat makes it a killer cardiovascular workout.

Wheelbarrow Walks

You may be shocked to see something like a wheelbarrow, but this simple tool is one of the best ways to train your obliques, traps, forearms, hips, and cardiovascular system. Because the wheelbarrow is unsteady, the body has to work extra hard to control the weight and brings in all the stabilizing muscles. Want to really feel it try to see how many laps you can complete in one minute while weaving around a cone obstacle course.

Sledgehammer Strikes

Sledgehammers have long been a favorite training tool of combative athletes for developing that strong midsection for punching and kicking. However, it is also tremendous for performing interval training and has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years. Fun to do as well as extremely low cost, this is a fantastic way to burn fat and train that core.

Overhead Carry

Most people are shocked when they try to carry anything overhead for an extended period of time. The arms start shaking violently and their entire trunk goes nuts! Using anything from barbells, dumbbells, to kegs, and sandbags, going on a walk with any load overhead is one of the most result producing ways to challenge muscles of the core like you’ve never felt before!

These five drills can be combined into any workout, sometimes making a workout by themselves. They are fun, effective, and offer new challenges for those that are serious about getting those amazing abs!

About Coach Josh Henkin

Josh Henkin is owner of Innovative Fitness Solutions in Phoenix, Arizona. For the past ten years he has created effective training programs for a wide array of clients.
Josh is a graduate of Arizona State University where he received his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science/Physical Education. At Arizona State, he was also a member of the Men’s Basketball Team.

Coach Josh Henkin Sandbag Strength

Josh is an NSCA certified strength and conditioning specialist, certified club coach with USA weightlifting, and certified Russian kettlebell instructor and a certified corrective high performance exercise kinesiologist. Coach Henkin is well known nationally as an expert in fitness and sports performance training and has been invited to appear at national conferences and write for numerous fitness magazines.

Coach Henkin has dedicated himself to providing cutting-edge, easy to apply training information to the masses. He has created the Ultimate Sandbag for those that wish to get the immense benefits of odd object lifting at home or at their gym, along with the very popular High Octane Sandbag Training DVD. He has also recently released SMASH: Total Conditioning with Sledgehammers. These programs have become so popular because they are effective and they are fun! Check out coach Henkin’s site at:

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