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Resistance Band Training For A Resilient Core
By Josh Henkin

I have to admit, when I first began coaching  I believed bands to be really for mostly rehab or cheesy aerobic classes. Then a few years ago I began reading about another type of band, these were being utilized by powerlifters to enhance their lifts. These bands were not for the faint of heart. They were capable of producing a great amount of force and would challenge the strongest of lifters.

  Yet, powerlifting was never my sport. With two bad disks in my low back I was looking for techniques to enhance my movement ability, but to reinforce strength of my core.

These new bands were an exciting discovery as they could accomplish both. Since their development they have been used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts for these very reasons.

They have allowed coaches and trainers to work the core in ranges of motions and patterns that were previously impossible.

Bands are also very practical because they follow the strength curve of many different movements. If we look at the typical crunch when we get towards the top of the movement the resistance tends to decrease because of joint angles, yet we are our strongest. With bands they actually become more challenging as you go through these ranges of motion

The Set-up: this can be accomplished on a squat rack or even a door at home:

Forward Flexion to Extension:

This drill works the entire core! The glutes, low back, and abs are trained in this movement. Since the band become more difficult as you extend, your core is forced to activate to resist the band to a higher degree. In addition, the hips and low back help begin the movement and resist the motion as well.

Forward Flexion to Extension



Low Diagonal Chops:

This can be a drill by itself or integrated into a great fat burning drill with the forward flexion series. By pivoting on the opposing leg you will extend at a diagonal angle. Because the abdominal area is large and has many different muscle fibers this will feel like a whole new exercise and hit a different are of the core.

low diagonal chops



Band Throw Down:

The opposite of the extension movement this requires more than a simple crunch. The whole body is responsible in trying to take the band down between the legs. The faster and more powerfully this is done the more dramatic the force in the abdominal area.

band throw down



Band High Chop:

The opposite of the low chop, again, we will be targeting a whole new section on the core. Since many people get injured in rotation and flexion this is a very powerful injury prevention exercise as well.

band high chop



Horizontal Twists:

Very simply try to explosively accelerate the band across the body with straight arms. Because of the leverage of the arms and the band your obliques will be toast!

horizontal twists


Overhead Twists:

Like the horizontal twists, the overhead destroys those stubborn obliques. However, because the band is overheat the center of gravity changes making this a more challenging drill.

overhead twists


Band Knee Tucks:

An evil twist on the classic exercise makes it far more worthwhile. Most people don’t feel a lot of tension on knee tucks or leg raises once they past a certain angle. The band will increase in tension as you come up making the abs work much harder! This means more core work in all ranges of motion. Brutal!

band knee tucks


Superbands are highly underrated for their ability to build strength and muscularity. Don’t be mistaken, these are not those cheesy aerobic bands. Just by adding 2-3 of these exercises to your routine will find your abs are taken to a whole new level! Try doing either timed sets of 30 seconds or higher repetitions and see if your core isn’t smoked.

About Coach Josh Henkin

Josh Henkin is owner of Innovative Fitness Solutions in Phoenix, Arizona. For the past ten years he has created effective training programs for a wide array of clients.
Josh is a graduate of Arizona State University where he received his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science/Physical Education. At Arizona State, he was also a member of the Men’s Basketball Team.

Josh is an NSCA certified strength and conditioning specialist, certified club coach with USA weightlifting, and certified Russian kettlebell instructor and a certified corrective high performance exercise kinesiologist. Coach Henkin is well known nationally as an expert in fitness and sports performance training and has been invited to appear at national conferences and write for numerous fitness magazines.

Coach Henkin has dedicated himself to providing cutting-edge, easy to apply training information to the masses. He has created the Ultimate Sandbag for those that wish to get the immense benefits of odd object lifting at home or at their gym, along with the very popular High Octane Sandbag Training DVD. He has also recently released SMASH: Total Conditioning with Sledgehammers. These programs have become so popular because they are effective and they are fun! Check out coach Henkin’s site at:

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